Yes, the United States to supply Ukraine with 70 km range MLRS opposed to 300 km ones.

Photo by Staff Sgt. Charles Butler (Public Domain)

The United States are to deliver MLR missile systems with a range of 70 km (43 miles) to Ukraine as opposed to other systems that can reach greater distances of 300 km (186 miles). This according to Michael McFaul, cited by the Washington Post. He also went further tweeting: “Clarifying comments from POTUS  administration on MLRS are more assuring. Ukraine will get new shipments of precision-guided missiles with longer ranges than Ukrainians have now, but not rockets that can strike deep into Russia”.

The regular rockets of the MLRs have a range of 70 km which will probably be the ones the United States will send. The ‘Army Tactical Missile System’ is a system that can reach ranges of 300 km but this would pose an even more direct threat for Russia and thus also the United States. The 70 km range missiles would, however, double the range Ukraine has at the moment and improve on the 30 km range M777 Howitzers they are using now.

Featured photo by Just Click’s With A Camera (public domain)

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