Estonia, Latvia and Poland contribute biggest share of GDP to Ukraine, the USA biggest amount absolute numbers.

Even though countries around the world are not directly sending troops to come to the aid of Ukraine, many are choosing to help through sending in weapons, money and humanitarian aid. The biggest supporters of Ukraine seem to be the eastern European countries of Estonia, Latvia and Poland. According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, these three nations have contributed a big share of their GDP to Ukraine compared to other countries. Estonia has spend 0.81% of it’s economic output, Latvia 0.72% and Poland 0.46%. For Estonia that means that €235 million has been spend in the first months of the war. When talking about absolute numbers however, the United States Of America stands head and shoulders above the rest. The nation has already spend €43 billion on Ukraine, which is equivalent to 0.22% of their GDP. This is spread out over €24 billion in military aid, €9 billion in humanitarian aid and €10 billion in financial aid. It is worth noting though that many European countries are also sending in indirect aid through the European Union next to the aid send on their own. According to the sources, the EU has to this day contributed €4.1billion in aid to Ukraine.

Feature image: Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas.

Photo by Raul Mee (CC BY 2.0).

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