Lithuanians donate 5 million euros to buy Bayraktar drone for Ukraine.

In a crowdfunding project set up by journalist Andrius Tapinas on the internet channel ‘Laisves TV’ (Liberty TV), Lithuanians have come together to donate 5 million euros to the Ukrainian fight against invading Russia. The money will be used to buy a Turkish made Bayraktar TB2 drone that is able to fly long distances, strike targets from above and return all while being piloted safely from the ground at base. The Lithuanian ministry of defense has already reacted positively on the event and stated that they would travel to the Turkish company to finalize the deal. The Turkish ministry of defense has also already confirmed they will green-light the sale.

Ukraine has an estimated 30 to 40 of these drones in their arsenal which have already proved very useful in their fight against the Russians. Patrol boats, landing crafts, attack helicopters, tanks, transport vehicles and infantry ground-troops have all felt victim to the Bayrakter drone. Whether these drones will prove to be a key in a Ukrainian victory is yet to be seen, but the Lithuanian defense minister, Arvydas Anusauskas, has already expressed his enthusiasm on Twitter while the official Ukrainian Twitter account expressed gratitude to the Lithuanian people.

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