Region of Flanders donates 17.8 million euros to Ukraine in public charity event.

The people of Flanders (region north of Belgium) stand in solidarity with Ukraine and proved this by showing the size of their hearts and donating 17.778.315 euros that will be used to buy food, medicines, clothes, blankets and other necessary products to send to Ukraine. The charity itself was organized by the four biggest media companies in Flanders that aired an hour and a half tv-show simultaneously on four channels and made radio together on 6 channels for 16 hours straight. The television show featured coverage from journalists in Ukraine, clips from Flemings taking in refugees at home, stories from Ukrainians arriving in Flanders, famous Flemings helping out wherever they could, music performances and ended with the Ukrainian Voice winner singing a song along with two Flemish winners and one Walloon winner from over the years. On the Groenplaats (square in Antwerp), concerts were given for a full day with artists like Novastar, Laura Tesoro, Bart Peeters and MEAU climbing the stage to perform.

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